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The CICO Theory

Scientists or books written can be wrong, but science can never be wrong.

Centuries ago books taught, Sun revolved around Earth.

Galileo in 1610 challenged that theory and prooved that Earth revolved around Sun and what was being taught was wrong.

The same way nutrition literature books taught wrongly until now, which many "experts" still follow.

That is "Calories In and Calories Out"

According to this if you spend more calories than you eat, you create a Caloric deficit, which will eventually lead in reducing weight.

This is called as the "CICO THEORY"

So is that right? Yes its right if your top priority is loosing weight, irrelevant of you not knowing what you "LOOSING", muscle, bone, vital organs or fat.

So lets see why this literature is wrong, as a layman would relate to the above logic.

The question is 100 calories derived from a bowl of sugar and 100 calories from broccoli are they the same..?

No right?

So the scientific fact ill be presenting is, "Every function in the human body are controlled by hormones and enzymes" which act as messengers in the body.

Even the function of lipogenesis (formation of fat) and lipolysis (breakdown of fat).

One of the hormone resonsible for fat gain is Insulin. There are receptors in fat cells which are controlled by hormones and enzymes.

If one constantly keeps bombarding Carbohydrates which will lead in Insulin spike, the bio-chemical pathway will act at the cell receptor level in activating LPL(Lipoprotein Lipase) to store glucose after converting into Triglycerides in fat cells (LIPOGENESIS).

Where as when you harness the Insulin hormone keep it baseline, the counter active hormone Glucagon will get activated leading HSL (Hormone Sensitive Lipase) enzyme at the receptor level to breakdown fat (LIPOLYSIS).

So by this explanation what we learnt was there are hormone and enzymatic receptors at cellular level which act according to what you eat and there aint any "CALORIE CALCULATORS" at the cellular levels for Lipogenesis and Lipolysis.

So stop falling prey to the "CICO THEORY" and concentrate on the need of human body. Which is much more simple, easy and optimal.

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