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Fruit- The nature's candy.

Today will be writing on fruits.

"The SO CALLED poster boys of health and fitness".

Its a request to the readers, while reading this article, forget whatever was taught in school, advertisements and Google.

As what was taught to us, and what i am writing is contrary, with scientific explanation.

As a man of science, whatever i am writing are not opinions, but scientific facts.

"An Apple a day, keeps doctor away" what a sentence framed, it bestows trust on fruits.

"Fruits are in nature" again we get engineered to think they are healthy.

"Eat local grown fruits" again this sentence connects with you emotionally.

Now coming to the facts.

Fruit as said its in nature, so lets verify this statement.

I would request the readers to choose any wild jungle or a natural habitat, tour it for 2 days, and get whichever fruit you want too.

After 2 days you'll find out, you will not even get bananas as much as a thelewala sells everyday.

So lets see the evloution of fruits. Yes fruits were in nature but not what you eat today. Berries, wild fruits were in nature that too not in abundance, and fruits originally were only available for humans during the end of summers and for a reason.

The reason was, during the monsoons, humans couldn't hunt for food, so fruits were available for humans in scarcity as humans would eat fruits to accumulate body fat (Visceral and subcutaneous fat) for energy during monsoons as they had to starve.


The fruits which you are eating now are genetically modified (GMO), their genes are modified to make it more sweeter to relish your taste buds.

An apple you eat, is originally found in nature of Kazakhstan, and people throw them as its bitter, one cannot eat them.

Why Dr.Eric Westman stated "Fruit is a nature's candy".

You eat a candy, not thinking its healthy, you eat it because you like it.

The same with fruits, if you like eating fruits then eat it, but if you say i eat them because of its health benefits then you are wrong, and then keeping scientific facts is my job.

Are fruits healthy or not healthy?

I admit to the fact that yes fruits have bunch of Vitamins, Minerals and antioxidants in them, but does that make it healthy?

I'll explain, Vitamins, Minerals are also found in chocolates, for that matter even found in Alcohol, so does that mean they are healthy?

Why fruits are not healthy, despite having Vitamins and Minerals.

Fruits are made up of 2 forms of sugar i.e Glucose and Fructose. Some fruits are Glucose dominant, like banana, mango, watermelon etc. Some are Fructose dominant like apple, kiwis, oranges, pear etc.

Glucose is tolerated by the body despite having a glycemic index of 100. But glucose will spike your insulin levels, which will promote lipogenesis(formation of body fat). Due to higher glycemic index it will induce energy crashes, so if you are eating a banana for energy, you will get instant energy but soon there will be energy crash due to insulin spike.

Where as Fructose despite having lower glycemic index of 20, your body cannot tolerate it.

In Part 2, I shall explain, why Fructose, despite having lower GI is not healthy, with scientific facts.

Why fruits can induce, lipogenesis, Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver (NAFLD), Hyperuricemia, Gouts, poor Kidney, Liver functioning and Insulin Resistance.

I shall be sharing blood test reports of my clients who were fruit eaters.

Share with your loved ones.

Thank you.

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