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Children and Covid-2019- The Good News.

Since the out break of Covid-2019, everybody is worried about infants and kids, as they have a weeker immune system.

Somehow i did not relate to the theories saying kids are at a higher risk, when researched about it, found out something which will prove kids are not at a risk and the parents can now rejoice.

I will be giving some facts below:

The mortality rates in kids between age 1-14 due to Covid-2019 is less than 0.5%.

The reason behind low mortality rates in kids are,

1. The Corona virus attacks the human body through Ace-2 receptors found in human cells. Ace-2 receptors are a part of every human cell, predominantly in the lungs, Alveoli, Cardio Respiratory System.

Children have under developed or low levels of Ace-2 receptors, so the risks and susceptibity in kids, infants are way lesser as the Corona virus needs Ace-2 receptors to attack and multiply.

2. Children, kids, infants have a stronger immune system, yes you heard it right despite having an under developed immune system, they have stronger immunity as the Thymus gland is larger in children than adults.

One of the functions of Thymus gland is producing T-Cells, which helps in killing infections, bacterias and make the immune system stronger.

3. The mortality rates in adults due to Covid-2019 are in the groups, who have pre existing metabollic disorders or pathologies, such as Diabetes, Asthma, CVD's, Hyper/Hypotension etc.

As kids don't have any metabollic disorders or pathologies until and unless any Autoimmune disorders. So the risks are decreased.

Hope the parents out there will read this and feel secured as they now know, their kids are at a lower risk from Covid-2019.

Thank you and share with your loved ones.

Dinesh Vernekar

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