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"SIDE EFFECTS", its one of the most Google searched keyword.

Everybody on earth wants to know side effects of consuming anything.

We are well aware of the fact, there are side effects of every pharmaceutical drug.

But not aware of the foods which we consume daily have more side effects, but we ignore it, as we think what we eat, we are meant to eat.

But now ill make you count the side effects of having foods which you think are staple and healthy.

Do you suffer bloating, acidity, flatulence, lethargy, abdomen distress(heavy tummy), IBS, constipation.

I'm sure 90% of the crowd has one or multiple issues from the above.

But see how we draw analogies, to make us feel better. "When we have side effects from a pharmaceutical drug "WE SAY" that the drug caused the "SIDE EFFECT".

But when we are living with same issues everyday, as above, do you know what we say..??

My body has acidity problem..!!

My body has constipation problem...!!

My body has flatulence problem...!!

We never blame the food we eat, one thing to understand here is, the issues faced by your body is not because you are born with it, or your body is prone for the above.

Instead its not your body, "ITS THE FOOD" which is causing the problem, which your body is rebelling and showing up.

All the above issues, are the instant side effects faced by your body after consuming the food which is not meant for humans i.e predominantly Carbohydrates.

Do you know what are the long term side effects of consuming Carbohydrates-

Type II diabetes, PCOS, Thyroid, blood pressure, CVD's, CAD''s, Arthritis, Alzheimers, Dementia, Epilepsy, ED, cancers and ofcourse Obesity.

And its only because of the food we eat, if you run your car on an unwanted fuel which the car is not meant for, it will show you up everyday and one day will breakdown.

The same way human body acts.

"Even a Cataract, which is Glycation of lens proteins" is due to Carbohydrate dominance.

Glycation is just attachment of glucose to proteins which damages the protein and its function.

I can bet my career on this statement, "YOU CHANGE, WHAT YOU EAT" i.e "EAT LIKE A HUMAN", you'll see a drastic reduction or end in the issues above.

What can be worse even dogs and cats are getting diagnosed with Cataracts, thats because we are feeding them Carbohydrates, which their bodies are not meant for, the same is with HUMANS.

Thank you.

Dinesh Vernekar

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