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Have you done the following expecting you will loose fat?

1. Had boiled vegetables,soups for months?

2. Had plenty of juices expecting it to be healthy?

3. Avoided ghee/butter/oils(dietary fat) thinking they will make you fat?

4. Did hours of cardio activities?

If you have done the above things in order to reduce WEIGHT then you have done it right.


Thought they will reduce FAT then you are completely wrong and wasted your precious time energy and ruined your health.

In the below article i'll be explaining you why you have to target FAT LOSS and not WEIGHT LOSS, and the above what you have practised has ruined your health and made you weak.

Human body weight is made up of:-

1. Bones

2. Muscles

3. Organs

4. Water

5. Fat

Every thing in the body has its own important function, when you go on boiled,salad,soup,juice diets, stay away from ghee/butter/oils(dietary fat), do hours of cardio activities , due to mal-nutrition your body doesn't get nutrients.

Bones become hollow which increases the risk of fractures.

muscles atrophy(decrease in size) which makes you prone to injuries.

Loss of water which makes you dehydrated, 70% of human body is water, it plays an important role from transporting nutrients, hydrating cells, detoxifying and removing waste from the body.

Due to this the impact can be seen on your body from:-

1. Sagged and wrinkled skin.

2. Hair loss.

3. Weakened body posture.

4. hollow and soft bones.

5. Weak immune system.

6. Hormonal imbalances.

Other than that, due to going on crash diets and plenty cardio activities, metabolism (body's ability to spend energy) slows down, that means what you eat is not used as energy, instead a major part is stored in the body as BODY FAT.

And you will see yo-yo's (fluctuations and bouncing back) in weight, increased fat deposit in the body and less muscle mass.

To give you an analogy BMW car travels 10kms/litre of petrol, whereas a Luna bike travels 60kms/litre.

Your body has to be like a BMW car which spends energy at a higher rate and it can be achieved by preserving and building muscle which are active 24/7.

Where as when you target FATLOSS:-

Fat has its own function it provides insulation to the body, protects organs from shock, acts as a energy reservoir and stores fat soluble vitamins.

But 15% in men and 20% in women is what all is needed and above that it has no importance and its like carrying a potato sack on your body.

So when you go on a scientific nutrition plan, give your body the right calculated amount of nutrients from Protein Fat and Carbohydrate and micronutrients like vitamins and minerals your body starts loosing body fat and preserves the precious muscles.

You will see visible changes in your body like inch loss, tight and toned body and discover the younger stronger and fitter you.

So target on reducing the unwanted and ugly body fat instead of loosing weight.

Thank you and shared with your loved ones.

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