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If you have basic knowledge of reading researches, the researches you read should be done with the right protocols. This post will explain you how researches were mainpulated.

Post World War 2, there were spike in coronary artery diseases and heart attacks.

Eisenhower the American President then, survived his first heart attack in 1955, that was when he gave charge to "The Dr. Ancel Keys" to research on what was the reason for the heart attack.

After disecting a heart, they found out a waxy substance blocking the artery which was the reason for heart attack.

Thats what was all needed to start the conspiracy against Cholesterol and Dietary Fat.

On the other hand, Eisenhower when diagnosed, his Total Cholesterol levels were 165mg/dl, which is considered healthy in medical science.

So is Cholesterol the reason for heart attacks and is the fear correct?

This gave birth to the famous study on Cholesterol by Dr. Ancel Keys called the "CHOLESTEROL HYPOTHESIS".

In literature term HYPOTHESIS is something which is not prooved, term THEORY means prooved.

This was Cholesterol hypothesis, which means it was not prooved, he couldn't proove rather manipulated studies. Till date its just a hypothesis.

So what was the reason behind the spike of heart attacks post the end of World War 2 era.

Now i will explain you the facts behind the research gone wrong done wrong

America was a meat and dietary fat consuming country until 1929, before 1929 you rarely would have heard about CVD's and heart attacks.

1929 was a year of Great Depression, people were jobless, it was an economic slowdown, people had no money for their living.

From then slowly North Americans switched on grains for their living, as grains were much cheaper than meat and dietary fat.

Post world war 2 there were spike in statistics of coronary artery dieseases and heart attacks.

And the spike in statistics, was only due to shift from dietary fat to grains. Grains/sugars are pro-inflammatory, it inflammes the arteries, damages it.

Cholesterol is anti-inflammatory, its the first one to reduce inflammation, but unfortunately due its waxy nature goes and sticks to the inflammed arteries.

Its like after a fire outbreak, Fire brigade reaches the place to counter fire. But the police comes arrests and blames the fire brigade.

Dr.Ancel Keys who had very good political connections, he once stated before research dietary fat is the reason for heart attacks. He manipulated the study just to prove himself right what he had uttered.

He published The Seven Country study, which was manipulated by hand picking the countries which had no dietary data, which would help him in manipulating his study.

Unfortunately despite being a hypothesis, it was applied.

In the next part we will see how the grain, sugar and medicine lobby supported this study and the how the food pyramid was flipped upside down, which ruined the whole mankind.

Famously called "The Food and Drug Conspiracy".

-Dinesh Vernekar.

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