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Talking about Cholesterol, first we will see the mechanism and physiology of Cholesterol in the human body.

Its a notion amongst medical experts and laymen that if you eat Cholesterol rich foods, the Cholesterol levels elevate.

But the truth is 80% of the Cholesterol is produced by the liver and only 20% of the Cholesterol is absorbed by the food we eat.

If you don't eat enough dietary Cholesterol, the Liver has to overwork to produce Cholesterol which stresses the Liver.

Did you know how important Cholesterol is for the body. When you eat dietary fat and cholesterol the Great Vein which connects the heart and the gut, gives heart the first dip of Cholesterol and fat. That's the importance your body knows but the medical literature doesn't know.

Now coming to the ANTI-CHOLESTEROL drug THE STATIN. Statins are prescribed to lower the Cholesterol levels in the human body.

Statin, the drug born after the Cholesterol Hypothesis, have you ever questioned a medical expert, how Cholesterol is decreased by this drug.

If i suggest my client Vitamin C, i have to explain them, the purpose, need, mechanism, its extraction process and all.

But people are having Statins without knowing the circumstances of having it.

Statin reduces Cholesterol levels by killing the liver cells, as liver is the one which manufactures it.

Now what happens if cholesterol levels are decreased in the body, if you have read Cholesterol Reality- Part 1, i have explained about the functions of Cholesterol.

When you start having Statins (co-relate it with your parents or any family member who is on Statins).

1.Your brain wants cholesterol as it runs on Cholesterol, one will experience memory loss, neurological disorders like Alzheimers, Parkinsons and again i repeat its not because of ageing process, its drug induced disorders.

2.Cholesterol is precursor for Testosterone and Estrogen, when Cholesterol levels decreased, the production of the hormones are hampered(reduced).

Low Libido in men/women(no or low urge to have sex), erectile dysfunction is again because of the drug.

3.Joint & Bone health- Testosterone/Estrogen play an important role in bone health in men & women. Osteoporosis (hollow bones) is evident as these hormones make the bones strong.

Arthritis(Joint degenration) and decreased muscle mass again due to low hormonal levels.

4.People on this drug are often in depression, as Testosterone/Estrogen in men and women helps in mental health, when there are low hormonal levels, it induces depression and anxiety.

5.The ageing accelerates as Cholesterol levels drop, the vicious cycle it drops the hormones too.

6.CVD's and heart attacks- Low Cholesterol levels hamper the cardio vascular system, imagine running your car without engine oil.

The same happens with heart when Cholesterol levels are decreased.

7.Obesity- Low Cholesterol levels reduces hormones, Testosterone/Estrogen helps in maintaining bodyfat percentage in men & women. Thats the reason you will see, post age 30 sedentary men/women tend to put on weight.

What you had thought as age induced pathologies in your parents, one of the major reason is due to Statin drug.

Again i repeat, Cholesterol is or nor was bad, reason for CVD's & heart attacks are grain/sugar intake, smoking, hydrogenated oils.

Cholesterol is a life saver, if you want your parents to stay healthy, ask them to have food rich in fat and Cholesterol, reduce grains/sugars.

Share with your loved ones.

Dinesh Vernekar.

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