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The Cholesterol Hypothesis research was funded hugely by the food and drug lobby. To show Cholesterol and fat as the villian and which they succeeded in.

Dr.Ancel keys was featured on the cover page of TIME magazine.

America is the largest producer of grain, they know how to sell whatever they grow.

Soon after the hypothesis, the USDGA (United States Dietary Guidlines Association) flipped upside down the food pyramid. So once which was termed healthy, the Fat was replaced by grains.

And ofcourse what America did, was followed by the whole world, even India was not an exception

Cholesterol intake was advised to be mimimal and for every product, the Cholesterol quantity was to be mentioned on the packing, so that its easy for people to choose food products.

Later in 2015 USDGA took a complete UTURN on Cholesterol, and now publishing reasearches/facts, inviting medical experts for conferences and demonstrating that Cholesterol was never bad and we messed up and now Cholesterol label is not mandatory on food products and there is no need of Cholesterol intake capping.

Coming to the drug lobby the ANTI-CHOLESTEROL drug STATIN is highest in demand and turned out to be a 30 Billion $ bussiness as it would reduce Cholesterol levels.

It was a golden mine and ofcourse nobody wants a gold mine to be buried.

Cholesterol is an anti-inflammatory, if it elevates in the body it elevates for a reason.

Its the first one to reduce the inflammation, just like we apply antispetic or an anti-inflammatory cream if wounded.

Grain/sugars are the reason to elevate Cholesterol. As grains/sugars are inflammatory they cause inflammation.

Ill post a link beneath of my clients, who were having elevated cholesterol levels due to grains/sugars.

Excess grains/sugars/glucose are converted into Triglycerides in the blood. The serum Triglycerides floating is not from dietary fat, but from excess grains/sugar which has to be converted in the blood to get stored.

In the below Cholesterol reports, you will see elevated cholesterol levels when the Serum Triglycerides are out of normal, Cholesterol has to elevate to counter inflammation due to high Triglycerides levels.

But the non-updated medical literature recommends to reduce Cholesterol by prescribing Statins rather than decreasing Serum Triglycerides.

(Will be writing on Statins, how it reduces cholestreol in the body, you would be shocked).

From past 50 years, Cholesterol was the gold mine, but despite defaming Cholesterol they couldn't stop CVD's and heart attacks and instead of the graph dipping it has shot upside.

And now after the wise 1% medical experts & food scientists, who are very rare, who while practicing experienced, despite i being an expert why i am not able to cure my patients and why a patient despite treating him is returning to me with more worse conditions. They had the guts to question what tjey studied

They started researching and found out Cholesterol was never the reason CVD's, and Statin drug was doing more harm than any good.

And now the big names in pharma industry are giving reasearch articles and journals to medical experts stating Cholesterol is not bad and you don't need to prescribe Statins now.

Part 4 will be about Statins the anti-cholesterol drug (which will be banned soon), the pathophysiology how it reduces Cholesterol in the body. Till then you can go through your parents medicine profile and i would assure 90% of your parents will be consuming one of the Statin drug (Rosuvastatin, Atorvastatin, Simvastatin).

I stopped my fathers Statin drug 4 years back.

And after reading the article on Statin you will relate the symptoms in your parents what you thought was due to ageing process but it was induced due to Statin drug.

Below are the pathology reports of my clients, where you will see elevated Cholesterol only when Triglycerides levels are elevated.

-Dinesh Vernekar

Thank you.

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