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What if somebody told you, that your parents are there only to harm you...!!

Would you believe it?

That's what has happened with Cholesterol. A complete research gone wrong, a complete research done wrong on purpose by an American Physiologist Dr. Ancel Keys, which is known as "Cholesterol Hyposthesis".

Every word written by me, are not opinions, they are well researched facts.

Cholesterol Reality

First and foremost "What is Cholesterol"?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in the human body and in dietary sources like eggs, meat, poultry, animal fat, dairy etc.

Cholesterol is not found in plants and grains.

1.Functions of Cholesterol.

-Formation of human cell membrane- Cholesterol builds and forms the human cell wall. It is responsible for cell permeability(healthy cell membrane determines which molecules pass into cell and which cannot).

2.Vitamin D synthesis- The sunshine vitamin which falls on your skin, but the transportation, manufacturing and conversion of vitamin D to d2 & d3, is done by dehydrocholesterol found in the skin.

3.Hormone synthesis- Cholesterol is the precursor for the formation of the male hormone Testosterone, female hormone Estrogen and Corticosteroids.

4.Anti-inflammatory- Wound in your body or any inflammation in human body, Cholesterol is the first one to reduce the inflammation to heal it.

For e.g if we get wounded, first thing we do is apply anti-septic or anti-inflammatory cream, the same function is done by Cholesterol in our body.

5.Bile production- Cholesterol aids in the production of Bile, the substance needed to digest dietary fat.

6.Insulation- Cholesterol insulates the neurons and nerve fibers to keep it healthy for better nerve impulse and nerve function.

7.Absorption- Cholesterol is important for the absorption of fat soluble vitamins A,D,E & K.

8.Anti-oxidant- Cholesterol is an anti-oxidant found in human body, prevents cell damage.

9.Immunity- Cholesterol also plays a vital role in building up immunity, will be explaining further.

Despite having so many important functions in human body, how come we fear Cholesterol and associate it with heart attacks.

And despite fearing why have heart attack statistics blown after the research done in 1969.

Matter to think on.

Continued in Part 2.

-Dinesh Vernekar.

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