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I am hearing this since my childhood, and now in this profession, hear it often.

People who think they are aged, above 45-50, think that gymming or lifting weights is not good for them and its dangerous to lift weight in this age and have to just stick to walking and Yog..!!

Due to this mentality, every 45 year old has become a liability on his/her kids, frequent hospital visits have started and everybody thinks its normal. Every penny saved by parents and earned by kids are spent on hospital visits.

Old Age vs Weight Training...!!

So if an aged person says lifting weights/gymming is not for them, then its like saying i have a 20 year old car, but will use it without servicing it or mainitaining it.

Is it the right ideology?

As it is a fact that, old car needs more maintainence & services than a new car.

The same things goes with Human body/Physiology. The higher the age, more the need to lift weights & run.

The human body is degenerating every moment. Reduction in muscle mass is a part of ageing. Osteoporosis & Osteomalacia again is a part of ageing.

Contrary to that only one thing which can fight degeneration & ageing is "The Gym".

There are 2 types of ages

1.Chronological age- Today if your 45, next year you will be 46 you cannot stop that.

2.Physiological age- Today if you are 45, but working out at "The Gym" with the right protocols will anti-age you i.e your body age will not increase instead it will start reversing.

Its in your hands to stop your physiological age i.e not let your body age.

I guarantee you, give me patient on a wheelchair, i will make him/her run in few months, irrelevant of any pathology.

Thats the power of lifting weights, cardio exercises & flexibity.

Youth/kids out there, compare 75yr Sylvester Stallone & Arnold Schwarzenegger with your grandfather aged 75.

Compare a 55 year old Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan(sorry for these examples but people relate to their examples) with your 55 year old dad/mom.

Take the onus to encourage them to lift weights, go to a gym, gift them gym memberships on their b'days/anniversaries.

This is the best way you can take care of them rather than keeping them dependant on you.

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