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Updated: Jun 30, 2020

When i enter the gym i see a weird scene on the floor, where men are on the weight training zone and women are busy running on a treadmill, cycling and of course doing aerobics.

I have questioned girls/women that why don't you weight train?

Common answer-

"I don't want to look like a man"

I never get shocked as the answer is always obvious.

I dedicate this article to the queen of every house, backbone of our society, the hand behind every successful man the multitask er- "WOMEN"

In the below article i will be writing about "WHY WOMEN SHOULD WEIGHT TRAIN", the myths, misconceptions and of course the benefits.

Women think if they start lifting weights they will grow huge muscles and look masculine which is completely impossible, there is a scientific reason behind it,

Men have a hormone called Testosterone which gives them the male characteristics and helps them in gaining huge muscle mass, where as women have it in minuscule quantities. Women on the other hand are Estrogen hormone dominant which gives them the female characteristics,less muscle mass and women carry a higher fat percentage in the body.

Due to very low levels of Testosterone,

it is impossible for a woman to look masculine and grow huge muscles.

Now coming to the benefits of weight training-


Women have to do a lots of challenging activities in their day to day life so when a woman starts lifting weights she gets better in daily activities from lifting weights, carrying heavy loads will be much more easier and makes her life more easy.

Which we call as the carry over effect and increase in functional strength.


Due to lack of weight training,the body structure gets weak which will invite injuries because of weak structure the body looses its normal postures, spinal curvatures and early degeneration of the whole structure. Weight training will make the structure and core so strong and stable that body will get strong day by day and injury free.


During pregnancy there are lots of back pain related issues a woman faces due to the postural changes so weight training will make her muscles bones tendons and ligaments so strong that it will help them in keeping their back and body pain free.


Post the age of 30 due to some hormonal changes there is a loss of calcium from the bone which will make them prone to fractures where as weight training will put such a positive stress on the bones that with the right nutrition calcium absorption will be much higher, and the bones will get denser, stronger and will keep them away from the pathologies related to bones osteopenia, osteomalacia, osteoporosis


Due to higher number of fat cells, women are prone to fat gain, with weight training they will build muscle but in a very less quantity which will help them in increasing the Basal metabolic rate(BMR) (Energy expenditure during rest) and calorie expenditure, which will aid in fat loss and they will get the much desired "TONED " look.


Research has proved that weight training helps in fighting depression as there is a release of endorphins(neurotransmitters) which will help in reducing stress anxiety prevent pain, improve mood and stay energetic the whole day.


Due to the above factors there will be lots of changes in their body from hair skin, aesthetics(overall looks of the body),disease free body, which will slow down their ageing process and they will look and feel younger and achieve the ANTI-AGEING effect.

This is a request from me to all the men out there, you can do your bit this year by gifting your mother, sister, wife a gym membership which will help them in achieving their desired and disease free body and reverse their ageing process and get healthier, fitter, younger and stronger day by day.

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